Dario is a Marketing professional with experience in the digital realm as well as direct sales. Dario has the qualities of a natural leader and is a person who takes charge of a situation. For that reason people are drawn to him for his leadership and advice. He assumes this role not by being the loudest, but by acting as the most decisive and calm under pressure. Dario has a proven track record of success that is backed by his ability to build himself as a pillar of diligence and proficiency within his work environment. Clients think very highly of Dario and have always had a great experience interacting with him. He is always able to push through obstacles that are placed before him and has a proven track record of being a top salesman, with his kind, charming and intellectual persona, Dario is destined to become a cornerstone and foundation to any company looking for long-term stability and growth.

Dario’s supervisors have mentioned:
“Dario helped us get The Quiet Life to where it is now.” 
– Jennifer Pitt
“A man’s greatest strength is his character, and Dario Orozco will definitely be an asset for any organization fortunate enough to hire him.”
 – Hao Zhang

Dario is world –class when it comes to building rapport with potential clients, vendors and customers alike.
Dario is proficient in Excel, Adobe Creative Suite and Digital Marketing Tools.
Dario is bi-lingual English/Spanish.
A.M.A. Member Since 2016
University of La Verne 2016
M.B.A. Class of 2018
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