I am a simple human being, that somehow maneuvered his way through life, in hopes I can continue to do so. A long the way I've picked up a few books, a bachelor's, and a master's. All of which mean nothing without my beautiful fiancéE, my family and friends who make this world worth living. 

Dario’s peers have mentioned:
“dario has very good office and administrative skills including extensive experience with Microsoft Excel, as well as solid analytical capabilities. ” 
– sammy rbibo
“Dario helped us get The Quiet Life to where it is now.” 
– Jennifer Pitt
“A man’s greatest strength is his character, and Dario Orozco will definitely be an asset for any organization fortunate enough to hire him.”
 – Hao Zhang
University of La Verne 2016
M.B.A. Class of 2018
A.M.A. Member Since 2016
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